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Hi! My name is Roosevelt Bland Jr. and I’m on track to do what no one else has ever done before in on-line Marketing. I have found a way to bring together training in Network marketing for any business.  I’ve also created a new marketplace to do business on a more personal and or professional level with each of these business entities.           

What products or services are you looking for in your life or business or even both? I’m offering RBJ BILLION as a Billion dollar Storefront to the community and world. The RBJ BILLION Company is offering a new way to train Network Marketing to the masses. How do we do that?         We do this through e-Books and Free Webinar Training for any business system. These tools are in place to create cash flow for your Primary Business, Marketing, Residual Incomes, and other Business Opportunities.        


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The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) was founded in 1990, the founding Members of this private sector industry association; decided that the measurement of Travel & Tourism’s impact on world and national arena; would be the most important endeavor they could make to achieve their goal of raising awareness with, mutual policy leaders and decision-makers of Travel & Tourism’s.  

The leaders in the Travel industry contribution and endeavors may have a deep correlation for creating wealth and employment around the world. The following 20 years of investment in solid research, which to date has masterfully reach over  $5million made a significant contribution to the development of the new international standard for Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) research.           

The WTTC also prepares an estimate of the total effect of travel and tourism on gross domestic product, including both direct and indirect revenues. WTTC has found that, the group estimates the total impact of the industry on global gross domestic product at $5.47 trillion or 9.4% of global gross domestic product for 2009.           

The year 2010 for travel despite the economy has been a choice that most consumers are taking regardless the doom and gloom forecast the media is painting. I’m certain that consumers may travel less, but travel will continue one way or another.            

Fun and Leisure is what makes getting away a treat that everyone I know would like to do but; lack the money to do so, I can show you many fun and leisure opportunities that take little skill and mostly your desire to get out of the ratrace and discover your passion to having fun and make money at the same time.            



Have you ever imagined yourself as a millionaire – only to think “No, it couldn’t happen to me”?          

Believe it or not, most people me included, until a few years ago – carry with them a deep rooted fear of success. In some cramped, dark part of themselves, a place so deep and hidden they may not even know it exists, everyday normal people are absolutely horrified of succeeding because – and this is the Gospel truth – they don’t feel they deserve to succeed          

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My first trip to Hawaii, Oahu was one of those packages; “All inclusive Vacation” Flight on American Airlines Air Bus, nonstop from Dallas, Texas to Hawaii, met at the airport by bus to the JW Marriot lhilani Ko Olina Resort Spa.

The sites like; the famous Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial (did you know that oil is still seeping out of the USS Arizona Ship since December 7, 1941?), the Beaches of Windward Coast or North Shore.           

I saw this plaque on a street going up a mountain around Diamond Head in Waikiki of Amelia Earhart the first woman to fly from Hawaii to Oakland, CA in 1935; it took her 12hrs and 50 minute to do this.            

WOW! There is so much to see, what a vacation!           

Barbados: World-Class Windsurfing, Wickets & Rum Breeze to an island paradise caressed by two seas, swarming with flying fish and sweetened with fine rum. Barbados may have booted the Brits, but they can’t kick cricket. It’s a public passion, so take in a match and then catch a wave–windsurfing the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea. Wash ashore at Accra Beach, slather on sunscreen and settle into the soft sand with an umbrella cocktail.

Trek to the trawler’s town of Oistins and feast on flying fish, an island favorite. Taste the local flavor of a lime–not a drink garnish, but local lingo for a social gathering, and toast good times with local rum. Bajans (bay-jins) have been sifting sugar into rum for over 300 years and there are almost as many rum bars blanketing the island today

How about a All-Inclusive vacation like the one below? Runaway Bay, Jamaica (via Montego Bay): Live Like a Lovebird (All-Inclusive)Run away with your loved-one for a relaxing romp in one of the most relaxing environments–an all-inclusive resort on Jamaica’s northern coast.            

Pull up to your sweetie on sun-soaked sand and sip rum runner cocktails at a reggae beach barbecue. After, get down to the lulling rhythms of live Calypso music while you feed each other tender pieces of jerk chicken. Worried about running up a tab? No problem, mon–drinks and meals are all included!            

When the sun rises over northern Jamaica, take a bicycle tour in tandem, share a lovers’ kayak, or paddleboat out from the shore to sit back and drift on the Caribbean blue. Pair up with a dive instructor to visit The Ganja Planes or The Reggae Queen, colorful coral reefs where exotic marine creatures delight and mesmerize.            

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic: Silver Bay, Golden Beaches (All-Inclusive)
Play in Playa Dorada, a development of upscale, all-inclusive resorts garlanded by a golden beach, near the silvery bays of Puerto Plata.

It’s good to be the king because the all-inclusive resorts along Playa Dorada’s golden beach treat you like royalty.            

All-inclusive means meals, open bars with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks are yours by merely summoning them forth (with a “por favor“). Enjoy poolside activities and nightly entertainment, and feast at buffet or a la carte restaurants.            

All Inclusive Vacations

Venture to the Amber Museum to see why this fossilized tree sap gem is sought worldwide. Though greens fees are not included, a Robert Trent Jones course is just a putt away, and a variety of shops, bars and discos are located within the compound, making for a royally relaxing respite.           

NOTE: All-inclusive package prices are based upon double occupancy (two people per room). There is a supplemental per person charge for each additional guest that is not included in the price of this package. The supplement must be paid upon checkout. Please contact the hotel directly for the amount of this charge.            

Air Travel is the best way to get where you want to be and start enjoying your vacation or get away. Millions of people are taking to the air just to cut the travel time it will take to get to the destination, many of road hours are cut while customers are getting on with the vacation; reather than spending the vacation in a vehicle.            

I got friends that use to drive all across the US to visit family and friends; but once they discovered air travel, it’s very hard for them to go back to the road, I was going on a Cruise and I had to drive to the port or fly there.            

I drove to Austin, Texas to save some money on my flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL. I got on a JetBlue plane to Fort Lauderdale, let me say this; Jet Blue is some kind of airlines, the service was the best service that I have ever received from an Airline, they have the best people and they have the nicer planes, you get extra leg room, leather seats and each headrest has a TV and for and extra $5 you even get HBO!            

This was the very best experience that I have every had, the next time you fly see if Jet- Blue flys from your town, you will just love it!            

Cruise sales are still doing great! What makes this the best way to get the royal treatment is the commitment from the Crusie Lines to make your Cruise experience one to remember.            

I tell you my first Cruise was unbelieveable, I Sailed from Miami, FL. to Key West, FL. to Cozumel, Mexico, the fun was on the ship, Carnival Cruise Line was a City on the ocean, you get to dance at the disco’s, gamble at the casino, swim in the pools, play sports, shop for gold and silver jewelry, Liquor, see Broadway Shows, Comedy Acts, get massages in the Spa, workout gym, Childcare, and the food is all you can eat, some foods are 24/7 services, all include in your price.            

Land excursions; in Key West I went to the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” Museum, some of that stuff I really couldn’t believe it! Do you like deep sea fishing, scuba dive, go jet skiing, hiking, see historical spots? You can do all of this and so much more just by going on a Cruise! Bon Voyage!            

Vacationing with my top notch vacationing tools, you get the options of viewing the most populer vacation spots from my Travel Resources: Travel Impressions, Pleasant Holidays, Collette Vacations, Apple Vacations, Spring Tours.         

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Travel Insurance is what makes your trip unforgettable, the next time you take a trip; take the worry out of your trip and enjoy the vacation. Travel Guard travel insurance plans include travel insurance & assistance that travels with you. Coverages may include: Trip cancellation due to terrorism & other named unforeseen events, trip delay, lost baggage, medical emergency, & others. Purchase online for immediate coverage. Certain coverages are subject to purchase requirements. See each coverage for details.            

Online Shopping to over 700 major retail Stores with Cash Back on purchases and so much more…. ZamZuu has the latest products from the hottest custom designers and The new health and fitness products with the options of getting great prices and cashback or sharing and retailing these amazing products and services as a new revenue stream for your life and family.            
















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