How do you attract money? We have our experiences in life that can tell us; if we are going in the right direction or not. What you are about to read, is what I have found to be the main reason most people never earn wealth for their life or family.

We have been told that it takes money to make money! What if I told you this is true; an investment of some kind is always needed?

These are a few reasons why some have money and most don’t.

Most wealth is old money! (Wealth that is passed on from generation to generation)

Some became wealthy through savings and investing. (These groups are very small in numbers)

Some people are wealthy through other people’s losses. (Insurance, lawsuits, Credit Card Debts, and The Banking Industry etc…)

Of course there are; Pro athletes, Actors, TV Personalities, Doctors, and Inventors etc…) 

These you might not know! Politicians, Governors, Senator’s, Judges, Congressmen, etc…

If you do not fall into any of these groups don’t feel bad, you are what we call the masses. 90% of the world is trying to get rich; but only a few will get there. Why is that? The main reason is; “mass movements will take large group participation” but the 90% will never get what I’m about to say! The masses will not reach an independent lifestyle because they think they will be the next Bill, Oprah, Mike, or Star, I don’t want to crush your dreams; but you have less than a 1% chance of being or doing anything of that magnitude; otherwise your chances are very moot indeed.

Ok the secret is this! The masses will need to Network with like minded people and use a system that will force them into financial independents, this has to be membership based, and where you become rich just for being associated with the group; does this sound like something you have heard before? Yes you have heard of this before, allow me help you out my friend, I was managing this fast food restaurant and one of my assistant Managers was a part of this fraternity, what I found out about this organization was; they had a brotherhood, a code of secrecy if you will. I learned a few things about this experience that I think is worth talking about. 

If you are not connected to some group, (Church, Fraternity, Membership group etc…) Life will be hard for you.

Become a partner to one of these groups if you want a richer life.

You must understand that life is better for those that adopted this concept.

The biggest Secret is; “You can’t do it all by yourself” (Either way you are going to need people to make it to the promise land)

Old teachers steal your power by training you to be a slave to false information, like; (you can only earn money through a job).

Gurus use their biggest tool to keep you poor; “miscommunication” pee on your head and tell you it’s raining outside.

Let me show you other people that have used membership association that you may know: Bill G. put together a operating system that you are using right now to read this information product On-line, you rent it every time you purchase a computer or laptop, believe me you don’t own the software; Bill G. became the richest person in the world because we made him wealthy by purchasing his system. Bill G. wouldn’t have made $1 if you and I did not purchase his system, and by the way! Did you and I earn any money from him because of our helping him out too becoming wealthy? Bill G. deserves every $1 he earned because he got you and me to buy his system. You are a member but you do not get too share in the wealth; the point of the sale is almost 100% self serving to the server.

Miss O. is paid by you the consumer and advertisers; you do not get a dime; because your association membership with Miss O. is not worth one red cent.

Government is the biggest robber of wealth than any of these groups; because they use the shield of unity to deceive its members of wealth. We the people spend over $10 billion per month on wars; but the people go hungry! Over $10 billion per month and Americans don’t have Healthcare for its people, $10 Billion per month and we the people have neither place nor pillow to lay your head at night. I’m troubled at these facts, but the poor worry about pennies to invest in a workable system that create wealth.

Yes as Americans we should be entitled to the basic necessities of life; Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education and yes Money! We are a part of the richest association in the world, “being American!” It should have its perks right?

Look for these signs of the right wealth group to join, to create residual income;

Benefits for joining 

Cash Benefits for the Selling of the services or merchandise; on a monthly residual bases.

Do this and financial freedom will arrive.

If you want a good job; network with other networkers, they understand this process. Some of you may not know this to be true but; more people become rich through Network Marketing than any other businesses; “because of mass participation of people,” and more people lose out on wealth in this industry; because of the lack of participation of the masses. 

Whatever you do; be loyal to your people, not the network marketing companies, what do I mean by that you ask? Well let me put it to you this way, these Networking business will come and go because of greed of the owners and Guru’s, but loyal partners in networking will be trained to save their money, because in this business things can change very fast.

I saw Guru’s that were earning $10,000, $100,000, $500,000, any $1,000,0000 per month residually, overnight they go broke; because they purchased the Big House with waterfalls and 30 bed rooms and 10 car garages etc… And living like there is no tomorrow, to find out the company they joined had just gone under; and what is so disturbing about this; they did not save their money! That’s just dumb!

What I would like for you to think about is this; We can all make a good residual income through network marketing if; we can fine the right income models, not just a gurus haven; but a well put together system that forces you into profit, just by association with the group. A Membership base business that rewards you for sharing the business with a few people, and build a coalition of people that is loyal to the cause; we all can live together in an association that feeds the community and world, by teaming together around any product or service that we choose, I must say this again; for any business to work; you will need mass movement with the conscience that all that join the group; should prosper because of the association membership.

This is my personal recommendation to you if this makes any sense to you! Join Duplication123 and see if the system meets the bill or cuts the mustard, 2 things; you can try it for free, kick the tires and see if what I said is true, and secondly take a very close look at the income model, if it all checks out, become a paid member and get started sharing the system with only 3 people, these 3 people cannot be selfish or greedy people, they must have a open mind and capable of thinking for themselves and are willing to learn a new way to earn money!

Ok! This was fun writing this blog product page, I will be bringing new things to this blog in the future.


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